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Take Notice:  Pursuant to Section 58-113(2) of the Mt. Morris City Code, the Mt. Morris City Council did designate the following streets:

 a. Saginaw Street from city limit to city limit.

 b.  Mt. Morris Street from city limit to city limit.

 c. Mt. Morris Street to city limit. 

 d. Saginaw Street to city limit.

The above mentioned streets detail which adjacent property owners are required to remove, within 24 hours after the end of a snowfall, accumulation of snow and ice upon sidewalks adjacent to their property if the accumulation exceeds three inches or if icy conditions exist. 

Take Further Notice: That upon failure to do so the city may remove the snow and charge the cost thereof to the property owner, and upon failure to pay the same, the charge may be imposed as a lien upon the property. 


 Paperless Billing

The City of Mt. Morris offers it's residents to receive bills via email. This is a wonderful feature for our residents because it gives them immediate access to their water/sewer/trash bill. 

Save the cost of paper! Forget about stamps and envelopes or having to get a paper bill. Cut back on trips to the post office and mailbox - save a few minutes by opening bills immediately from your email (plus you can stay in your pajamas a little longer.) Tired of waiting for the post office to deliver your water bill? Sign up for E-Billing and get it the same day it's billed! Going green reduces the demand for paper and natural resources. 

The features Paperless Billing offers:

  • Once the utility bill is generated it is sent via email.
  • You will receive reminders for the monthly REGULAR bills.
  • A link is included in the email for online payment.
  • Usage Graph shown on the bill.
  • Save money, save a tree!

    Sign up now by clicking HERE. Once you complete the form email it to our Jr. Clerk, April Smith

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