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  • Building Department Clerk: April Niedecken   |   Ph: (810) 686-2160

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About Us

The City of Mt. Morris Rental Division will benefit rental properties in a number of different ways. First, it helps the city track all rental properties and the conditions they are in. Second, it will help the Police and Fire Department if they should ever need to contact the owner for emergencies or for any reason. Most importantly, it will insure safe and comfortable living conditions for those renters who make the City of Mt. Morris their home!

The Building Department Clerk is responsible for keeping track of all rental properties located in the City of Mt. Morris. The Clerk will contact owners/management companies when needed to ensure properties are in compliance with the City's Rental Ordinance. Once payment and application are processed the information is given to the Rental Inspector. All rental scheduling goes through the inspector. 

The Rental Inspector is responsible for scheduling inspections with either the owner/management company or tenant if owner allows. Conducting the rental inspections to make sure properties are in compliance with the City of Mt. Morris' Rental Ordinance. 

For more information regarding the rental procedures please contact April Niedecken at the above email and phone number. If you have questions or concerns regarding the schedule please contact the Rental Inspector at the above email address or phone number.



Rental Documents

Please be aware that there will be a ONE-TIME flat fee that will be required with your registration. Click 'Rental Application' the fee chart will be the second page. The City of Mt. Morris has broken the City up into four districts. Please click the below, 'Rental District Map'.