Rental Division

Rental Division - City Hall

Rental Inspector:   Wade Spade
Phone:   (810) 373-9509
Building Clerk:   Megan Peel
Phone:   (810) 686-2160


The City of Mt. Morris Rental Division will benefit rental properties in a number of different ways. First, it helps the city track all rental properties and the conditions they are in. Second, it will help the Police and Fire Department if they should ever need to contact the owner for emergencies or for any reason. Most importantly, it will insure safe and comfortable living conditions for those renters who make the City of Mt. Morris their home!

Please be aware that there will be a ONE-TIME flat fee that will be required with your registration.

The City of Mt. Morris has broken the City up into four districts. Please see the picture below to see what district your property falls under. 



To schedule an inspection please contact our Rental Inspector, Wade Spade. If you are in need of any information pertaining to a rental property please feel free to contact the Building Department Clerk, Megan Peel.